Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Idiots and database

Okay, I admit this incident is partially mine, but...I don't care I'm going to needlessly blame him simply because he's an ass. I was running forum X on my server for a while and I run a cronjob to clear my database and it erases his as well. He goes berserk and rants for hours on end. The conversation goes something like this

Me: Sorry...but eh..Your forum got screwed
Him: WTF!? HOW?
Me: It's technical, but your database got deleted
Him: What the hell is a database and how'd you delete it.
Me: Again technical, some stupid cronjob
Him: Your pathetic your a coder and you can't even maintain a database properly
Me: Your pathetic your a forum owner and don't even know what a database it.

Causing him to sign off and most likely rant to his older sister which will sooner rather then later call me and...Ask me to apologize (which is totally beyond me, though completely reasonable) and talk of about XXX unrelated matters, I swear...Men are called sex hungry beast, in reality we just give in to temptation and speak of it publicly whilst woman speak of it behind closed doors.